4 day Workshop with Caroline Coggins

A 4 day Workshop with Caroline Coggins

February/March 2019 dates coming soon

Caroline is the Director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute Redfern and has been practicing and teaching since the 1980’s.  Caroline is directly certified by BKS Iyengar, has a Senior Intermediate 2 certificate and travels each year to India to study with the Iyengar family.

Her focus is to find a connection between your mind and your yoga practice. The aim of her teaching is to encourage each yogi to find a way into the asanas, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in order to develop the spirit itself.

The New Year begins and we start again.

“I remember listening to a writer that I liked, he said that every day he gets up he has to remember how to write.

Each day I wake too. The thoughts want to come in and I have to make a conscious effort to remember who I am. The thoughts, they are only the surface, going here and there.   They are affecting, though, and can change the shape of everything. But they are not the stream, only what is floating.  So I remember the stream, and I pad down to my little room where I sit each morning, set the chiming bells. I begin again, stopping my natural mind from its jumping and ruminating. I dive down in, if I can, and  offer this small self, to the greater presence.

This is practice, nothing successful or special about it except that I do it. Over time, it has come to feel like the grass roots of everything else where I find myself being recalibrated. But this is not just a smooth, calm path, no… I will encounter everything that I am along this path: doubt, fear, anger, and sometimes love.

A yoga practice might be something you like. Coming and learning might give a freedom that is needed. It may be yoga or it may be something else… but let there be this root, taking hold. Of course yoga clears the way, opens us, steadies our mind, clears the aimless thinking that goes on, embodies us, keeps us real. We are of the earth, we flourish and we fade. Our body is our temple in life.

We all receive so much stuff about what will help our lives. My mailbox is always full of some yoga philosophy or another selling something. We hope that some one, a teacher, a philosophy will show us. It is only when we grab hold, find traction that we really begin. Then the light being shone is useful.

I have come to know that I need just a few things, I don’t want to know more about a lot of things, though I used too.  This practice I do says, “Clear away, give me time, wake up! The ego is a demon, watch how needy she is. Open your hands, relinquish!”

A spiritual practice espouses that we ‘should’ want less, but let’s use the word ‘desire’… a desire for a life that has meaning.

Then what? Well it’s practice, getting muscles in ourselves, muscles for living.

This is where we choose. The stream that we desire will decide the day, the company we keep, the activities, what we read, eat. Practicing then, grabbing hold, deciding, does sensitize us to the never-ending flotsam in our minds. We must start again, without comment, to wake up.”

Caroline Coggins

Suitable for anyone with Iyengar yoga experience from Level 2 students to advanced yoga practitioners and teachers. If you are on a class card we will extend your expiry date for the 4 days.

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